.institute Domain Registration

Register a .institute Domain Name.

This is registered for one year and is registered in your name*.

Obviously, the domain needs to be available for registration - if it has already been registered we are very happy to search for and suggest alternatives, please contact us with details of your requirements.

Once the domain is registered it will be ready for use almost immediately.

To make the domain work on the web you will either need a Website Hosting Package or point it towards another domain.  We are very happy to assist with this,  Easy-Hosts is run by humans, not machines and we will do our best to make the domain registration and website hosting process as simple as possible.

*If you want confidentiality we are happy for the domain to be registered in our name.  You may also be able to opt for the domain ownership details to be hidden from general vie for a small extra fee.

Registering domain names

How do I register a new domain name?

When you register a new domain name you can choose to register just the name, or to add a hosting package, or additional services to the domain. Before registering a domain name you should check that your chosen domain meets the following requirements.

Length and Format

  • Minimum length: Three characters plus the extension.
  • Maximum length: .uk.com.org.net domains can be 64 characters, .info.tv.name.mobi.eu.bizcan be 63 characters (not including extension). Others may vary.
  • Valid characters: Alphanumeric (English alphabet) characters and hyphens. The domain name may not start or end with a hyphen.

The Domain must be available to be registered – duplicates of existing domains cannot be registered.

All of our services are subject to our published Terms.

Price: £35.95

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