Best practices for reselling domain names

We are re sellers of Fasthosts services. Fasthosts Internet Limited are a UK registrar, a member of the .UK Registry Nominet UK and a reseller on behalf of Opensrs/Tucows.

Fasthosts enable us to register domain names on behalf of 3rd parties, we have to ensure that anyone reselling domains through Fasthosts is complying with our UK Registrar agreement (which we are bound by as a UK Registrar) and our UK and gTLD Registration Agreement (which all registrants are bound by)It is important to note that upon registering a domain name for a 3rd party we agree to abide by the follow Key Terms:

  1. Our support hours and service level agreements must be clearly displayed for your customers.
  2. Our charges for registration and renewal must be made available to your customers at the time of sign up.
  3. Our process for notifying your customers regarding expired and expiring domain name registrations must be made available upon sign up.
  4. Our charges for domain name related services must be made available upon sign up.
  5. Our charges for transferring domain names to a new supplier, and/or for cancellation/termination of contract, must be made available upon sign-up.

If Fasthosts is contacted through the Domain Release Process and there is a dispute over payment of the registration or renewal then you will be able to claim the outstanding amount due on the domain name only prior to the administrative control being released to the registrant. No other fees e.g Consultation, Web Design, Hosting fee etc can be used to with-hold a registration from being released to the registrant if requested.

Nominet UK and Opensrs/Tucows recognise Fasthosts as having the highest authority to act on behalf of any registrants on the LIVEDOMAINS tag as the appointed Registrar and the appointed Reseller for International domains and country codes.

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